January 24, 2020

Technical.ly Baltimore: Long-term Growth for Founders

Technical.ly Baltimore recently shared the story of our work with Alessandro Vitale to structure his start-up Awayk Health to compete in the sleep apnea market.

“As a veteran entrepreneur, Vitale knew that he’d need an experienced legal advisor to help him build a solid structural foundation for Awayk. But because his company could potentially disrupt an established industry, he also wanted an advisor with a creative approach, to ensure his company would be set up for major growth, a variety of new business relationships and future products down the line.”

Read the entire article here.

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2nd Annual NB VIP Golf Retreat

The weather most certainly didn’t disappoint as Nemphos Braue and Old Line Government Affairs hosted the 2nd Annual NB VIP Golf Retreat on May 18, 2023, at Hayfields Country Club.

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