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The Keys to IP Ownership

At Nemphos Braue, we understand your innovations, ideas and branding are critical assets that must be protected to ensure the long term success of your business. Our attorneys are experts at securing, protecting, enforcing and monetizing intellectual property, whether your needs involve patents, trademarks, copyrights or trade secrets, or an opportunity for licensing and extending the reach of your brand.

With a broad range of experience, our attorneys provide goal-oriented, practical advice to our clients on a variety of IP-related strategies and transactions, including joint ventures, exclusive and non-exclusive licensing, development, procurement, pilot programs, tech transfers, distributorship agreements and sales.

The Daily Record Reader Rankings Top Winner badge on Nemphos Braue's website Nemphos Braue was named a winner in The Daily Record’s 2023 Reader Rankings for Best Law Firm – Intellectual Property. 

Nemphos Braue was also voted the Top Winner for Best Law Firm – Intellectual Property in 2022 by The Daily Record’s Reader Rankings.

Intellectual Property Copyright


Creative works are valuable assets for a business – protect them.

Intellectual Property Trademarks


Build and protect the value of your brand and goodwill.

Intellectual Property Licensing


Generate additional revenue and expand the reach of your intellectual property assets.

Intellectual Property Patents


Protect and create additional value for your inventions and discoveries.

Intellectual Property Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets

From your discoveries to strategies, maintain the advantage of your know-how.

IP is All About the Details

Every business has intellectual property. How to protect it, and even gain additional value from it, is an important area of focus for businesses at any stage – from startup all the way to exit. Our attorneys have experience working with companies in industries ranging from automotive and manufacturing to technology and healthcare. Regardless of the industry, company size or stage, IP matters. We invite you to consult with our team to see how the details can be addressed specifically for your business, its brands, know-how and inventions.
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Our attorneys can assist you with a wide range of US and international intellectual property questions and issues.



Both urgent and important, protect IP from the start.

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Using an agency or developer? Find out who owns the IP.

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Research U.S. and international IP rights with additional links.

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Our attorneys provide an in-depth overview of intellectual property.

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