May 12, 2021

Governor’s Briefing on COVID-19: May 12, 2021

Governor Larry Hogan Press Conference: May 12, 2021

  • No need for panic-buying gas re: the Colonial Pipeline Hacking
  • Making GREAT progress on COVID-19
    • As of today, MD has administered 5.3 million vaccines
    • 86% of 65+ Marylanders are vaccinated
    • 65.4% of 18+ Marylanders are vaccinated
    • Keeping up the keep health metrics, we are on track to reach 70% of adults vaccinated by Memorial Day
    • Equity Task Force has completed about 350 missions
    • Walk up or drive thru vaccines available, it has never been easier to find or get a vaccine
  • Case rate per 100,000 has dropped 64% over the past four weeks to 8.5%
    • Lowest since September of 2020
    • Positivity rate at 2.74% from a peak of 9.43% in January 2021 and a high of 26.83% last year
    • COVID hospitalizations have dropped across the state
    • Down 60% since last year’s winter peak
  • New actions TODAY:
    • Effective this Saturday, 5/15/2021, lifting all outdoor restrictions- entertainment, sports, etc
      • All restrictions lifted on indoor and outdoor dining
    • Cruise terminal reopening
      • CDC working to prepare cruises to return to business
    • ONLY REMAINING MANDATE: Indoor mask mandate
      • Will lift as soon as we reach the federal goal of 70% of adults getting the first vaccine shot
      • MD plan- everything normal by Memorial Day
      • 4.6% away from reaching this goal!
  • Directed MD Dept. of Labor to begin process of reinstating Work Search Requirements
  • FASTEST way to get rid of COVID is by getting vaccinated! CALL 1-55-MD-GOVAX, COVIDVAX.MARYLAND.GOV
  • FDA has approved Pfizer vaccine for children 12-15
    • Final approval to come later today
    • Eligibility for adolescents begins tomorrow, 5/13/2021


Dr. Jinlene Chan, Deputy Secretary, Public Health Services

Speaking about pediatric vaccination effort for kids 12+:

  • FDA approved expansion this past Monday for Pfizer
  • Approved for safety and efficacy
  • 100% efficacy in 2,000 children in trial
  • Also showed robust antibody responses, similar to teenagers and young adults
  • Similar side effects to the one known now (usually resolve within 2-3 days)
  • CDC’s advisory committee voted this afternoon to recommend Pfizer be approved to be used in kids 12-15 in age
  • Once CDC issues final approval, take your children and get them vaccinated!
  • 11 mass vax sites that can vaccinate kids
  • Expanding locations in physician practices that are willing to vaccinate minors (ie pediatrician offices)
  • Minors will need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian in order to be vaccinated
  • We’ve done so well at vaccinating adults that now our attention shifts to children
  • Have conversations with your children about getting vaccinated

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