May 6, 2021

Governor’s Briefing on COVID-19: May 6, 2021

Governor Larry Hogan Press Conference: May 6, 2021
At the Webster Kendrick Boys and Girls Club

Project Bounce Back – helping young people recover from the impact of the pandemic

  • Uncertainty and isolation of the past year has been devastating for mental and developmental wellbeing and progress
  • CDC labels these “adverse childhood experiences” or “ACES”
  • Can undermine children’s safety and stability
  • Linked to mental illness and substance abuse later in life
  • 25 million dollar, first in the nation, public-private partnership for MD youth and families
  • Will provide a support network for youth and families by harnessing the resources of the Dept. of Education, & Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention
  • Partnering with KPMG, Linkedin Learning, Discourse Analytics, and E-Care Vault
  • Build post-COVID resilience in youth
  • Expand the reach of the MD Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs in every county in MD, prioritizing Title 1 School districts and rural communities
  • Reach 45,000 children across jurisdictions
  • New partnership between MD State Police and MD Boys and Girl’s Clubs
  • Goal: positive mentorships and community/police relationships
  • Additionally, the Dept. of Education is launching 6 regional mental crisis teams comprised of psychologists, counselors, and experts to collaborate with school systems to provide assistance
  • Working with private-sector partners to provide better services and job development skills to local youth
  • Signed executive order TODAY to make MD a national leader in working to address ACES
  • Through Project Bounce Back, we are connecting MD youth with support services they need
  • Our local school systems should utilize the 1.2 billion+ dollars in federal funding to utilize targeted tutoring, summer in-school opportunities, and full, in-person, 5 days a week school for every child in MD
  • This fall, all schools in the state will be in-person
  • Thanks to the Boys and Girls Club for their support to our youth
  • [Presents Lorraine Orr Governor’s Citation in recognition of the Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs work]

Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford:

  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month!
  • “It is ok to not be ok”
  • Dial 211- connects you to mental health resources
  • COVID exacerbated ACES we were already facing

Principal Kimberly Hill-Miller from Lockerman-Bundy Elementary School in West Baltimore

  • Need for supports outside the classroom
  • Maryland is leading the COVID mental health crisis
  • Lack of supports for mental health and technology lead to negatives
  • Began partnership with Roberta’s House, founded by Kaiser Permanente
  • Grief counseling at schools in the city

Dr. Karen Salmon, MD Schools Superintendant

  • Many students who were once excelling are now failing
  • Return the kids to schools as soon as possible
  • Statewide, only approx. 43% are receiving in person education
  • In school education is the only way to ensure equitable learning
  • Schools in-person for the fall
  • Crisis teams across the state to assist in mental health crises
  • MD Center for School Safety Hotline: 1-833-MD-B-SAFE

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