May 19, 2023

Bill Huber Speaks at Lead4Life Mental Health Symposium

Recognizing the use of cannabis by mental health patients, combined with legislation that will make adult recreational use of marijuana legal in Maryland this summer, the Lead4Life organization focused in on cannabis as a key topic for its recent Mental Health Symposium. Held during Mental Health Awareness Month, Nemphos Braue Of Counsel Bill Huber, who is also a member of the organization’s Board of Directors, served as the keynote speaker, addressing the change in dynamics between employers and employees and cannabis.

When it comes to testing, privacy, and health concerns, as well as employee productivity, safety and professional settings – the intersection is complex to say the least. As an attorney as well an owner-operator of a dispensary, Bill is keenly aware of such complexities and is well-positioned to help businesses sift through the regulations and elevate opportunities.

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Bill Huber speaking at Lead4Life
Lead4Life Symposium panel
Bill Huber at Lead4Life with attendees

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