December 2, 2021

Webinar: Maryland’s Minority Business Enterprise Program

The Maryland Minority Business Enterprise Program: Learn how minority-owned businesses can create additional revenue streams with the state of Maryland

Recently our colleagues at Old Line Government Affairs had the privilege and pleasure of interviewing two experienced and thoughtful leaders in the area of minority business ownership in Maryland. Our goal is to highlight the ins and outs of the Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) program and explain how to create additional revenue streams with the state of Maryland. Whether looking to expand procurement opportunities or start at the beginning, Old Line Government Affairs can assist clients in navigating the process. Learn more about Old Line’s Procurement Services.

For this webinar, Sherry Nickerson and Derrick Covington were joined by Vashti Pyatt, Outreach Coordinator for the Office of Small and Minority Business Policy and responsible for the training and development of MBEs that want to apply for certification with the state; and Jody Sandwisch, a former minority small business owner with valuable insights into the certification process.

MBE Five Eligibility Standards

Both Vashti and Jody had important pointers to share and advice for minority business owners looking to get certified or expand their procurement efforts.

To hear more about the MBE program and to learn how to get certified in Maryland, please watch the Maryland MBE Webinar below. On our website, you’ll also find helpful links and additional procurement resources.

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