March 19, 2024

Increased Scamming on US Trademarks

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Update on US Trademark Scams from IP Attorney Michael C. Antone

Please be on the alert for scammers contacting you regarding your US Trademark Applications and Registrations. Scammers are now calling US trademark owners and either offering services that are not needed or pretending to be the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and requesting payment. Please note that the USPTO will NOT call you requesting payment.

Scammers have traditionally sent physical mail to trademark owners offering services that were not needed and/or exorbitantly priced. Phone calls to trademark owners represent a new level of aggressiveness by the scammers that requires increased diligence on the part of trademark owners.

In addition, scammers have also begun sending emails to trademark owners with other false notifications.

Protecting intellectual property is critical; keeping it safe adds another layer where having an attorney in your corner can be beneficial.

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