October 4, 2022

Michael Antone Shares IP Info for Entrepreneurs

Imagine you’ve developed your business plan and come up with your company and brand names, designed a logo, agonized over taglines, developed a process for creating the product you will sell, and begun using those elements in an effort to kickstart your ideas into reality.

Now, imagine having all that hard work mitigated by one misstep – not protecting your intellectual property. If you begin using your intellectual property assets before protecting them, you may actually lose out on important rights.

Michael Antone, U.S. Registered Patent Attorney and Of Counsel for Nemphos Braue, shares “What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About IP” in an article published in the Baltimore Business Journal’s Maryland Inno section.

Most IP can be divided into a few basic types, and together, represent significant assets for your business:

  • Know-how
  • Brands
  • Creative works
  • Inventions and discoveries


For more information on each of these areas and how those valuable assets can be protected, read the full article.

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