June 27, 2022

City Biz: George Nemphos Interviews Bark Social Co-Founders

Jeff Kurtzman got his start in investment banking on Wall Street and ultimately fell into his first startup, which turned out to be a huge success. Eventually Jeff consulted for a bunch of startups and took over a company in Annapolis. When Jeff made the decision to sell one of his companies, he realized that they needed “someone on their side to make sure they were being treated fairly,” and that’s where George Nemphos and the team at Nemphos Braue came in.

Luke Silverman launched his first company two months before the market crash in the fall of 2008, and as a result, that venture did not pan out. Luke got into reality TV for the better part of four years, before eventually landing in the med-tech field. It wasn’t until grad school that Luke realized his passion was always to create something and ultimately become an entrepreneur. Luke and Jeff got together to investigate the concept of social gatherings for dogs and came out with Bark Social.

The successful interaction between Jeff and George made it easy for Jeff and Luke to choose Nemphos Braue to represent their new venture in social clubs for dogs.

Dive deeper into Jeff and Luke’s entrepreneurial journey by watching their full interview with George Nemphos as part of the City Biz series:

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