March 23, 2021

M&A Success: Find Your Happy Ever After

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M&A Success: Find Your Happy Ever After


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2021 continues to be a good time to sell your privately held company. There are a large number of commercial sectors that are of great interest to buyers from B2B services, logistics, and packaging to IT, business software, construction, and manufacturing. 2021 is also a year of unprecedented “dry powder”. Buyers are looking for strong companies with enterprise values under $100 million. Surprisingly, some buyers are experiencing challenges lining up financing to close deals. sbLiftOff CEO Sharon Heaton and Nemphos Braue Founding Partner George Nemphos will share their M&A Success insights including how to bring the right buyer to the right seller for a happy outcome.

The panel will discuss:

• Current valuations for B2B services, logistics, packaging, IT, business software, construction, manufacturing, and other hot sectors
• Financing challenges for companies that are CapEx light
• Mezzanine lenders playing in the lower middle market
• Potential capital gains changes under the Biden Administration
• The role of a M&A advisor and attorney

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