April 10, 2021

M&A: The “COVID Hangover” and Fielding the Best Team

We enjoyed being a part of the recent M&A Success: Finding Your Happy Ever After event with sbLiftOff.

Built on a philosophy of being strategic business partners, not just a taxi driver with the meter running, we work with clients every step of the way through the mergers and acquisitions process, whether helping a company prepare for a sale by implementing “spring cleaning” to ensure the highest valuation, or mitigating risks to identify the best course of action for a buyer.

Especially for companies that have endured through the pandemic, it’s time to prepare for what’s next, for a happy – and profitable – ever after.

Below you’ll find video highlights from the sbLiftOff event featuring Nemphos Braue Co-Founder and Managing Member George Nemphos.

What is the “COVID Hangover” and how is it impacting some lower middle-market businesses?

Before going out onto the M&A field, make sure you’re bringing the right team with you.

“Imagine you have a coin in your hand. You need both sides of the coin in order to use the money.” — George Nemphos, on M&A Success

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