Services Provided:

  • Provided day-to-day legal and corporate advice
  • Counsel to board of directors
  • Contract management and negotiations
  • Corporate and business structuring advice

Successful sale to DEI Holding Company.

Polk Audio, provider of authentic American speakers “crafted for the love of music and home theater since 1972,” engaged Nemphos Braue for the firm’s strategic guidance with an eye toward a transitional event. Nemphos Braue’s team built a collaborative relationship that moved beyond day-to-day legal advice and counsel to their board of directors, and fostering a true business partnership. As Polk Audio’s team moved closer to acquisition with the guidance of Nemphos Braue Law, our team provided corporate and business structuring advice, as well as contract management and negotiation services. Ultimately, our team was able to understand and highlight what made Polk Audio special—its mission, vision and team—to orchestrate a successful sale to DEI Holdings.

*Counsel provided by Nemphos Braue attorneys under the auspices of other firms

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