July 13, 2022

It’s All Business – Jmore Event Recap

On Monday, June 27, Jmore held its virtual JBiz event “It’s All Business,” sponsored by Nemphos Braue. The event kicked off with Gary Stein introducing Of Counsel Lauren Ziegler to speak on behalf of Nemphos Braue. Ziegler pointed out the company’s purpose — to practice law differently and be a true strategic partner to our clients.

Thibault Manekin of Seawall Development was the first speaker and he strived to answer the questions, “Why are we divided as human beings?” and “What are the creative ways that we can bridge those divides?” Manekin found success with the organization Peace Players, which used basketball to bridge divides, develop leaders, and change perception among young children in war-torn countries. But what inspired him to reimagine the real estate industry was coming back to Baltimore and listening to the communities. None of the projects that Seawall development has done over the past 15 years were their idea. Manekin strongly believes that “a lot of the time real estate is what happens to a community,” and he wanted to “change the narrative.”

During the main panel of the event, there were three speakers: Brett Cohen, CEO and owner of Kitchen Saver; Emma Snyder, owner of the Ivy Bookshop; and Matt Levinson, President at Levinson’s Funeral Home.

Some key takeaways from the panel include:

  • Look at your business as a customer service experience; you should want to take care of your customers above anything else. This separates your business from other businesses that sell similar products/services in your industry.
  • Speaking about customers: “You don’t always have to tell them what they want to hear, but you need to be able to tell them something.” – Brett Cohen
  • “All of the steps of the supply chain have been altered, but communicating the complexity of that to people without boring them and also conveying that we are trying to get the best information we can, can go a long way with the customer experience.” – Emma Snyder
  • Questions to think about: What do want to be? Who do we want to be? And how do we get there?
  • Build a really healthy organizational culture where people are happy, and they feel valued.


Event Recap: More details from Jmore

Watch the full event below.

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