April 20, 2022

Cannabis: What is the Significance of 4/20?

You may know that today is 4/20 – the ubiquitous cannabis holiday, also known as 420.

But do you know how the day got its unique moniker?

There are a few theories.

One legend says that a group of friends in California during the 1970’s would designate 4:20 pm as the time to meet and smoke marijuana. Another tale says that “420” is the police or penal code for marijuana (unsupported by any evidence). Yet another theory says that there are 420 active chemicals in marijuana, but insiders know this isn’t true, as science has shown there are nearly 500 such chemicals.

Whether you’re speculating on its history or curious about holiday commemorations, 4/20 seems to get bigger every year. Dispensaries and organizations around Maryland and across the country will throw parties, festivals, or events to commemorate the special occasion. Walk into select dispensaries here in Maryland and you might find live music, local vendors, tie-dye parties, and other goodies.

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