November 8, 2022

David vs. Goliath in the Cannabis Industry

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David versus Goliath: Growth options for independent cannabis operators in the U.S.

By Bill Huber, Of Counsel at Nemphos Braue

Large multi-state operators (MSOs) are often asked about the strength of the cannabis industry. But what about the independent operator? How does a single operator, or one with maybe only one or two levels of operation, determine its strength in a given market? More importantly, how do they grow?

Whether through mergers and acquisitions or investment opportunities, or through partnerships with like-minded organizations, consolidation in the cannabis industry may be inevitable — and offer promising results. For example, technology businesses and products or other ancillary services may be prime sources for synergy. Large MSOs may have what it takes to weather a financial storm, but that doesn’t mean that independent operators exist on an island all by themselves. With pending changes in the recreational market and more willing to invest in the cannabis marketplace, independent operators may soon have access to a whole new crop of opportunities.

Read the full article in the Baltimore Business Journal’s Maryland Inno

If you are an independent operator in the cannabis industry and are looking to competitively grow, contact Nemphos Braue to discuss the options. We’ll analyze your current position, discuss your end goals and provide you with a clear path for execution.

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